Guardian Angel Care Charitable Society

Address: GUARDIAN ANGEL CARE CHARITABLE SOCIETY    Reg.No. : ER 101/85, Bethsada, Vengola , 1Perumbavoor, Kerala, India, PIN - 683 554

About Us


HG Dr Abraham Mar Severios Metropolitan, while serving as a priest during the sixties was at Thrikkunnathu seminary as the vicar of its chapel. He used to spend his evenings paying visits to the nearby Government Hospital where he came across the plight of the poorest of the poor and the marginalized segments of our society. Probably, the seeds of Guardian Angel Care Charitable Society were sown during such visits, but it took close to two decades for taking material shape. The seeds sown then perhaps started sprouting in 1982 closely after his ordination as Auxiliary Bishop for Ankamaly Diocese.

Immediately after ordination, His Grace spent a few days at the St Peters Jacobite Syrian Church, Kizhakkambalam in meditation. Indeed, those seeds really sprouted up during these days of meditation and the then Vicar of this parish late Rev P U Mathai (Peringattu) was chosen by the Almighty to stand with His Grace for nurturing these dreams. A couple of years passed by in prayers and spiritual preparations and Guardian Angel Care Charitable Society got registered on 16th March 1985 under the Travancore Cochin Charitable Societies Act.

The founder members of the Society apart from His Grace were Late Rev P U Mathai Peringattu, Rev Roy K Abraham, Late Mr M K Abraham Madeikkal, Late Mr M T Varkey Mookkanancherril, Prof P M Markose Palakkadan and Prof Alias M Vargheese Mattamana. The registration of the society was followed by the coming up of a series of philanthropic activities and services those are beneficial to the local residents in a variety of fields such as geriatric care, education, taking care of poor and orphaned boys, support in mental health care and the like, yet not forgetting spiritual nourishment of people. His Grace himself assumed the role as the President of the society whereas late Rev P U Mathai and late Mr M K Abraham were respectively the Secretary and Treasurer to begin with. The present administrative set up has Mr P U Thomas Peringattu as the Secretary and Prof P M Markose Palakkadan as the Treasurer.